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Any and every butt-boi and sissy should watch and STUDY this video.  This is how you give yourself to an alpha breeder.  The first several seconds of the video where the butt-slut is fucking his pussy on the top’s cock is particularly impressive.  Some tops may prefer that the butt-bitch he is using be completely submissive and passive during a breeding, but this is still a very impressive skill to have, and any top will appreciate your eagerness to slam your butt onto his cock.  This boi clearly lives to be bred, and it looks like tops are more than willing to use him for his sole purpose in life, to be a fuck-hole for superior men.


What a fucking whore!!! This is the second video of this kid i’ve put up - he knows what he’s good for: Taking dick up his slutty pussy


Utterly fucked into submission. Look and learn, boys - this is how it’s done.

Oh shit.
Is it weird that this made me wet? Oh well fuck it. ;)

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Cora Keegan for Oyster #94 was shot by Billy Kidd.

Dusan Jaukovic